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Our philosophy is simple: your business can be competitive and successful in this day and age only if you take advantage of and implement the right technology. Mentch Consulting develops, implements and supports technology solutions for businesses in order to bring them into the 21st century.


Mentch Consulting does not just sell or develop a product and then let you figure it out. By partnering with Mentch Consulting for your technology needs you will get someone who will understand your business, your processes, and your short- and long-term business plans to identify and implement technology solutions. This is all for your benefit and your competitive advantage. We're here to help, educate, coach, and guide you and your business through the maze of technologies out there.


We provide many solutions and services to introduce and integrate technology into your business:

Ultimately, you get solutions that work because they are tailored for your business, you get support every step of the way, and you gain a technology partner.


Running a business, managing employees, changing schedules for the tenth time, worrying about payroll and numerous other activities can take up all of your time. The last thing you need is to deal with some technical problem and a support person rattling off some unintelligible techno-jargon at you. Mentch Consulting provides website, computer, network, and server support services so you can redirect your attention back to operating and growing your business. We act as your first level of technical support and interact with other vendors. No more headaches with your cable company, phone company, ISP or any other technology service. We'll take care of the problems for you and make sure they are resolved.

Chris Mentch is owner and founder of Mentch Consulting (yes, rhymes with "bench"). IT is his passion. His goal is to help businesses realize their full potential through the effective investment and implementation of technology. Chris holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Penn State University and has developed custom software and process improvement solutions for many companies.

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