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Do you ever lie awake at night thinking that there must be a faster, better, or even cheaper way to go about your business? We believe there is!

Introducing any kind of technology or making a significant process change can be a daunting task for any business. Mentch Consulting specializes in both process improvement and technology integration. We support our solutions!

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Process Improvement

Processes are your business advantage over your competition. Is your business performing to the level you expect it to be? Are your employees consistently providing the optimum level of service and support to all customers? Are you leveraging technology in the right areas?

Our process improvement services include:

Improving your processes is a continuous effort and we're there to support you and your employees every step of the way.

Take your business to the next level.

Software Development

Your time is too valuable to waste on repetitive administrative tasks. Wouldn't it be great if you could automate them and free up your time? Take advantage of software development.

We provide quality software development services for any size of business and any size project. Our development resources can scale to meet your goals and help you reap the benefits.

Is your IT staff already overextended with a long backlog of work? Or is your current project behind schedule? Offload the work to us. Whether you have quick one-off software enhancements or long-term, complex development projects, we can accommodate any size project.

We haven't met a technology or platform we couldn't work with. Get the work done. Get it done right.

Get it developed. Consider it done. Contact us today!

Technology Planning

So your business is expanding and growing. You'd like to upgrade some of your computers, redesign your website and even maintain the stuff you already have. If you did everything, do you know how much this will cost? As you acquire and implement technology solutions (websites, servers, computers, software, etc) it becomes critical that you plan and budget what you really need to spend your money on to move your business forward. It is very easy to buy anything and everything, but will this spending actually move you forward?

Maybe you want a new laptop, but you've already set a goal to improve your sales process. It may be wiser to hold off on the laptop purchase and invest your dollars into improving your sales and marketing processes and invest in a CRM application. Technology requires wise planning to ensure you are investing in the right technology—hardware, software, and support—so that it is integrated with and fully supports your business plans that are 1, 2, or even 3 years out.

Get started today with your technology plan.

Project Management

You're looking at the clock and you can't believe you've been working for 12 hours today. Where did the time go? You're pulled in a hundred directions everyday whether it's answering employee questions, meeting with customers, addressing customer complaints, or working on your marketing plan. There's just no time left to implement new accounting software, redesign your website, and upgrade your employees' computers. The money is even budgeted and available for these projects and there is no one in house who has the technical expertise.

Partner with us and we will manage and implement these projects for you. We pay attention to the utmost detail for you to ensure the job gets done and you're not taken advantage of.

Your best interests are represented and we ensure your projects are implemented on time, on budget, and that the final solution fully meets your expectations. Our success is your success.

Don't wait! Get your project kickstarted today!

CRM Consulting

So what's CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. If you're serious about tracking sales, running methodic marketing campaigns and improving overall customer satisfaction, you need to implement a CRM solution.

Our CRM consulting services include:

Get results from your sales and marketing!

For a more detailed definition, please see the Wikipedia CRM definition.

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